Over 15-year history of PHIL International since the establishment in 1998 can be summarized as a journey
of challenge of striving to actively find out hidden needs from customers and bring them unique value in
a differentiated way. PHIL International has enjoyed a position as the leading exporters of pharmaceutical
finished dosage forms in Korea, and further successfully been operating PHIL Inter Pharma, an overseas
subsidiary pharmaceutical plant since the establishment in 2004, which only few pharmaceutical companies
in Korea have ever tried.

We, PHIL International, has further established a R&D Center specialized in softgel formulation technology for the purpose of providing customers' full satisfaction from more fundamental level and laid the groundwork for
a sustainable growth.

In addition, we have raised up our corporate value by diversifying into related business industries like pharmaceutical machinery and medical devices with our own core competency accumulated in pharmaceutical industries for years.

The challenge of PHIL will never stop here. Our history of ceaseless progress will be ever-lasting until we complete global network of production, marketing and sales covering the whole world.
We do look forward to your joining in such a dynamic progress.