We have been exporting the following scope of products to customers in more than 30 countries all over the world for over the past 15 years, aggressively seeking to find out customer requirments;

  1. Approximately 250 products manufactured by our subsidiary company, PHIL Inter Pharma, covering;

    • Pharmaceutical softgels
    • Dietary supplement softgels
    • Ointment and cream
    • Cephalosporin antibiotics powder for injection, hard capsules and dry syrup
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  2. Pharmaceutical products & Dietary supplements sourced out from Korea and Vietnam

    We have been exporting a number of finished dosage forms manufactured in Korea in close collaboration with over 20 local pharmaceutical companies. Further, we also have sourced out high quality of pharmaceutical products from reliable manufacturers in Vietnam. You may be guided to a right product and manufacturer corresponding to your needs on quality, price and regulatory documents as well.

  3. Softgel manufacturing equipment manufactured by our subsidiary company, IRE Softgel, covering;

    • World-class Softgel Encapsulator & Tumbler
    • Upstream preparation equipment for gelatin and fill formulations
    • Quality control equipment & instrument

In addition, we are also supplying other pharmaceutical and packaging machinery for tablets, hard capsules and ointment upon inquiries, which are supplied by our collaborators in Korea.

PHIL presence & exporting countries

Korea Philippines Vietnam USA 유럽 아시아 아프리카 오세아니아 남아메리카 북아메리카