Apart from export business, we also have been importing raw materials used for food and pharmaceutical products, which are unique and innovative enough to fit to special niche demands and supplying for pharmaceutical companies and dietary supplement manufacturers in Korea on the exclusive basis.


In Korea and Vietnam, we also have been engaged in direct sales of OTC products with specialty such as "Detadol® (Remedy for periodontal disease)", "EyeBi® (Eye health)", etc. and a series of dietary supplements under our own trademark, "PHILAVIDA" through sales channels such as chained drugstores, health food shops and online shopping malls.

Technical transfer or License-Out

Being supported by second-to-none softgel technologies
in the field of R&D, we have designed and established
a formula of generic drugs in softgel forms,
a new formula of drugs or dietary supplements in softgel forms, even including change of other dosage forms to softgels.
Such formulations have been subject to technical
transfer or license-out to our customers along with
related data or documentation produced
through the development process as defined
by a mutual agreement with customers.